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ankeny-winesAnkeny Vineyard wines are estate wines from our 35-acre vineyard, located in the South Salem Hills in the Willamette Valley. The low-lying, south-facing slopes ensure early ripening and uniquely flavored fruit.

Purchase of one case (12 bottles) or more entitles you to a 15% discount. Wine prices are listed below. The case discount does not apply to sale priced wine as the cases have already been discounted. Shipping and packing is a separate charge.
$10 Tasting Fee (5 different wines tasted) 



 White Pinot 

$6 Glass $18 Bottle $183.60 Case

This light, Summer wine has aromas of citrus with bright lemon and apple notes and a very smooth finish. Pairs nicely with seafood. Great to drink on a hot, Summer day!

2016 Pinot Gris

$7 Glass $27 Bottle $275.40 Case

Ankeny Pinot Gris is a crisp, fruit forward light bodied wine. It’s aromas of Asian pear, green apple and apricot compliment the floral and lemon flavors as well as the bright acidity. The perfect summer wine to pair with white fish and poultry alike.

2015 Chardonnay

$8 Glass $30 Bottle $306.00 Case

This mild, smooth, and lightly oaked Chardonnay has aromas and flavors of toast, Meyer Lemon, bosc pear, and a light creamy texture. It matches well with poultry or seafood.

Melange Blanc

$6 Glass $20 Bottle $204 Case

This off-dry blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer has beautiful aromas and flavors of peach, pear and subtle tones of vanilla. A light-bodied wine that is perfect chilled on a hot summer day.


Red Velvet

$6 Glass $20 Bottle $204 Case

This off-dry blend of Muller Thurgau and Syrah makes for a delicious light and fruity wine with bright cherry and apple notes.


2015 Pinot Noir

$9 Glass $40 Bottle $408.00 Case

This blend of Wädenswil, Pommard and Dijon clones of Pinot Noir is exceptionally balanced with mild tannin and acidity. With notes of dark cherry and spicy black pepper this is one Pinot you won’t want to miss.

2014 Private Reserve Pinot Noir

$10 Glass $45 Bottle $459 Case

The Private Reserve Pinot Noir is a wonderfully smooth wine with a great aroma, low tannin and fruit forward notes of cherry and dark berries.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

$10 Glass $48 Bottle $489.60 Case

This full bodied Columbia Valley Cabernet has a soft aroma of leather with flavors of dark plum, cherry and slight notes of chocolate.


Chocolate Port

$10 Glass $26 Bottle $265.20 Case

Port fortified wine infused with dark and milk chocolate. Warm vanilla and spice aromas. A must try!

Early Muscat                                                                        

$8 Glass $21 Bottle $214.20 Case

This Semi Sweet dessert wine has a very pleasant floral nose with bright flavors of peach and pear with an extremely clean and smooth finish.


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